Mobolet App

Amazing food truck application for both browser and mobile apps. Working directly with founder and developer Edmond to offer a unique approach to food truck management.

P. (Problem)

Creating a user friendly application that can be used by a food truck driver. Robust features from organizer management to individual food truck.

E. (Epiphany)

The realization that there is a need for more organization of food trucks in a given region and creating a better solution to manage events & caterings.

A. (Action)

User interviews of actual food truck drivers to better understand the needs of the application. Utilizating user interviews to then create a lifecycle diagram of overall app to determine views required.

R. (Results)

Current project is on-going but the result thus far is a more streamlined app with organizer features.

L. (Learning)

How to take raw user interviews and feedback and rethinking how the application will work from the top down. Working one on one with the founder and primary developer Edmond to absorb his over 20+ years of coding experience.